Tess Wilschut Sailing
Seizoen 2019-2020

MarieCustoms – funding my sailing career

Not to be dramatic about it, but sailing at the highest level is an expensive pastime. Although I am very fortunate to have such splendid sponsors I need to top up my cash supply to finance better sailing still. Hence this page where you have the opportunity to get yourself custom painted trainers!

How does it work?

How does it work? Quite simple actually... Get me your trainers; tell me what kind of design you would like and I'll get started. The price depends on the design. So, either way, you start by sending me an email and we can discuss the possibilities.


All designs are handpainted by me using high quality leather paints. The result is then finished with a double layer of clear protective leather varnish. Et voilà... before you know it you'll have a pair of super exclusive handpainted MarieCustoms!

A small selection is shown here:

  • IMG-8478_KL_corr
  • IMG-9775_KL_corr
  • IMG-9789_KL_corr
  • IMG-9874_KL_corr
  • IMG-9881_KL_corr